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Inspired by the old masters, Theology, conspiracy theories, and Philosophy, the dark and mysterious have always intrigued Los Angeles based artist Steven Daily. “I’ve always been attracted to the things people don’t want to talk about or acknowledge,” Steven explains. “I guess I paint it as a sort of an art therapy.” Beautiful and moody, Steven’s incredible paintings reveal his talent for perfect blends and inspiring technical skill. Not limited to acrylic or oil paint on canvas, Steven brings large scale murals to life with spray paint.

Steven Daily has lived all over the United States but was born in Riverside, California. Art was a always a part of Steven’s life from an early age, when he began drawing at just 5 years old. Furthering his influence, his mother was an oil painter and painted primarily landscapes. Another bit of guidance came from his crew, Bashers. “Bashers started out of a group of like minded friends, who painted graffiti. My second family,” Steven recounts.

Steven has since gone on to work with some big companies like Disney, Lucas Arts, Sony, Dark Horse Comics, Slave Labor Graphics, and HBO. He is married to a fellow artist which he finds inspiring and helpful. “She’s my worst critic, which pushes the pieces I make that much further.” Also a new Dad, Steven used to think he never wanted to have children but now finds immense joy in it. “It’s life changing. As artists, we tend to be selfish individuals. The unconditional love I have experienced with this little man is unprecedented. The self seems to fall away, and you find yourself living for your child not your career or you. I’ve definitely learned the preciousness of time management, and patience.”

Steven Daily’s giant spray painted jellyfish can be seen stretching along the exterior wall of SILO at 15th and F Street in Makers Quarter. Stay tuned for Steven’s solo show for 2016 “Burn The Boats” at Marcas Gallery in Santa Ana, CA. Steven’s words of advice for emerging talent? “Practice your craft and work hard. Enjoy the journey, don’t concentrate on the destination. You never know where the work will take you!”

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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