Matthew Winter

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Matthew Winter is the Associate Principal at BNIM Architecture. He has been responsible for project management on projects, ranging from award-winning developer-driven medical office buildings and medical office complexes, to downtown mixed-use development, hotels, medical research facilities, and institutional work. Located in BNIM’s San Diego office, he has experience working with civic institutions, state entities, and local universities. He is currently working on multiple projects within the Makers Quarter footprint, East Village and the Gaslamp.

He has a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and is licensed to practice Architecture in California, Arizona and Colorado.  He is on the Uptown Planning Committee, Vice President of BeautifulPB, and on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Beach Town Council.  The Mayor recently appointed him to the Historic Resource Board.

What does Maker mean to you? A Maker is someone who creates something new, using whatever medium and material is available, regardless of cost or scale.

What do you enjoy most about living and working in San Diego? I love working downtown in a very vibrant community with all income levels, all types, of uses for live work retail play and restaurant.

Any advice or words of wisdom/hopes or dreams pertaining to our City’s future that you would like to share? The city needs to continue to encourage a wide variety of downtown uses, it needs to let experimentation in the public realm and the built environment.