Mary Pampuch

Maker / Executive Vice President of Lankford & Associates /


As Executive Vice President of Lankford & Associates, Mary Pampuch is responsible for procuring and analyzing development activities as well as providing leadership for her team on entitlement, design and construction coordination of development projects. Mary Pampuch also has extensive experience in entitlement confirmation and enhancement, environmental remediation and restoration of habitats.

Mary Pampuch has been involved in the development and construction of approximately 2.4M square feet of development valued at approximately $953M.  She has experience in a wide variety of project types including commercial and medial office, high-rise residential, government and life science projects. Her most recently completed project is the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine which received $42M in state funding as well as a $30M private donation and is a certified LEED gold project.  Mary is currently overseeing the five-block project known as Makers Quarter in San Diego’s East Village which consists of 2.1M SF of office, residential, retail and associated open space.

Mary Pampuch holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Industry involvement includes the Urban Land Institute, Chair of the ULI Women’s Initiative in San Diego, National Association of Office and Industrial Properties and Building Owner and Managers Association of San Diego Board of Directors. Urban Discovery Foundation Board and East Village Foundation.

What does Maker mean to you? 

I believe Makers exist in many different fields and on many levels.  Makers are creators, innovators and artists who create new concepts either out of nothing or by combining existing materials in new ways.  A Maker can be a seamstress creating new designs, an engineer creating a new system for the Navy or a chef creating a new dish.  I have a great deal of respect for their passion and vision.

What do you enjoy most about living and working in San Diego? 

The weather!  It allows for year-round outdoor activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Our City has many great parks and places to enjoy the great outdoors.  I am continually impressed with the diversity of nature here – you can be at the beach in the morning – and hiking in the snow in the afternoon.  From a work perspective, while San Diego is a robust city, it remains a small town.

Any advice or words of wisdom/hopes or dreams pertaining to your work or our City that you would like to share? 

San Diego hasn’t realized its full potential yet.  Some still consider it a “cul-du-sac”.  The City has a lot of untapped talent and potential to accommodate tech and other up-and-coming companies.  We need to get the word out! Our downtown is very vibrant with a lot of new projects and places being created; however, the City of San Diego must make coming to terms with the escalating social issue of the homeless situation a top priority if we ever want to really shine!