Jeff Durkin

Maker / Founder of Breadtruck Films / @artasaweapon


Jeff Durkin, Founder of Breadtruck Films in San Diego, is an award winning Film Director who makes commercial documentaries, brand films, and design videos for the digital age. With a focus on documentary storytelling he has worked in a wide range of industries from Hi-Tech to endurance sports, but his background as an architect has allowed him to work with brands/companies that have a strong focus on design.

With a degree in Architectural Theory from UC Berkeley, Jeff makes smart, modern, beautiful films that use real voices to tell the story. His company, Breadtruck Films started making films in an old Wonder Bread Truck that they converted into a mobile studio. That experience taught him that being small and nimble, allowed the opportunity to make bigger moves.

What does Maker mean to you?

A maker in the modern world wears many hats. First and foremost they have to be creative, to conceive an original idea, second they have to be an artisan and have the skills and tools to produce something, and now as a maker you have to have a network to share what you’ve made with the people who are going to love it as much as you do.

What do you enjoy most about living and working in San Diego?

San Diego is the most livable city in California. It has all the great landscape, people and urban neighborhoods that you want in a Southern California city, but it has a soul. It’s the water, sky and land constantly coming together that give the city a great ecology that really satisfies your spirit. It also has really clear skies and clean natural light, which is really important for a documentary filmmaker who is always shooting outdoors.

Any advice or words of wisdom/hopes or dreams pertaining to your work or our City that you would like to share?

San Diego has great untapped potential. I think it will be the millennials who can push San Diego into an innovative and creative place. There is so much to love about this city, once a population plants roots in the downtown urban area’s I feel like the synergy will start to transform the city into what I would love to see- a big mix of arts, intelligence and adventure.