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There’s something about artist Gloria Muriel (aka Glow) that makes complete strangers into instant friends. Call it good people skills, or just being a nice person, Glow, much like the definition of the word itself, emits a steady radiation of positive energy to all she meets. A beautiful translation of her uplifting vibes is seen in her colorful, mood evoking paintings and large scale murals. Interweaving bright colors blended into magical organic shapes, Gloria’s layers push and pull through perspectives while usually maintaining a central focus of a girl’s face with soul piercing, wide-set eyes. Meditate on one of her pieces long enough, and you could find yourself transported to the ocean . . . or another dimension.

Mexico native, Gloria is a graphic designer by trade. “I always wanted to be a cartoonist,” she explains while recounting her childhood dreams. “I wanted to work for Disney or be an illustrator, but people were always asking me to design their logos and things like that so I started doing more design.” Beyond her own inner child, being a mother of two daughters correlates to the inspiration of the young girls in her art work and fantastical imagination. Often stemming from a pop-surrealist state of mind, Gloria’s animal and tree-like characters she creates seems to come from a spiritual place open to interpretation to each individual that views them. “Take deep breaths,” she instructs while gazing at her mural in progress on the side of the building at Silo. “What do you see?”

In Gloria’s latest mural titled, “Tunnel Vision,” she works with frequent collaborating artist Alexander Holst Banach a.k.a. Phase Racer. While Gloria’s aesthetic tends to be soft and free flowing, Alex lends a more masculine structure to their compositions allowing for an opposing effect. Alex’s favoritism for clean lines can be attributed to his background as a Neuroscientist with a knack for dissection. When asked about their approach to their mural process, they also differ. Alex likes to have a concept and plan ahead of time, but is prepared for the last minute reversal depending on Gloria’s intuitive whim. “Every wall has a different energy influenced by the city and community. You never know what it will be like until you feel it,” Gloria explains. “You can have it all planned out, then get to the wall and decide you don’t want to do this at all and do something totally different.”

Over the years Gloria has accomplished endless murals and collaborative street art installations throughout the US and Mexico as well as establishing herself as a collected fine artist. One of her more recent elaborate installations can be enjoyed locally at Común Kitchen and Tavern in Downtown San Diego.

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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