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Los Angeles based muralist and fine artist Erin Yoshi shares stories and emotional expression with a rough and textured styling. Often found collaborating on urban walls and painting mandalas of great proportions, she prefers painting large. “I work to convey feelings of my messages, through movement and flow.”

Yoshi’s foundation as a community organizer has influenced her art and project themes greatly. Outside of her more meditative sacred geometry work, her artwork often reflects the struggles within communities, and the paradigms of social injustice and class struggles. Using art as a talking point, the projects she creates continue to expand her art form.

Yoshi is a member of the Trust Your Struggle Collective (US), Con Ojos Indigenas (LA), and APC (Colombia) and has an MBA focusing on International Sustainability. She was previously the Interim Director of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles and the Executive Director of the Estria Foundation who hosts the international #WaterWrites Mural Series and the only national graffiti competition, the Estria Battle, featured in 6 cities across the nation. Yoshi’s latest project is with the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts where she is painting and curating the first permanent interior mural installation and exterior roll down gate. She has gather a wonderful team of artists: Amanda Lynn, Miguel Bounce Perez, Joshua Mays and Poesia.

You can see one of Yoshi’s mural collaborations on the outside wall of SILO on F Street as part of a mural she recently painted alongside artists Amandalynn, Gloria Muriel, and Carly Ealey.

At the end of July, Yoshi will be travelling to Ireland for a Mural Arts Festival. “I am so excited to travel and paint. I am going with Vyal One and Mark Bode from the United States.  It will be a real honor to travel with these super talented hilarious comrades.  I know we will make beautiful things and cracking up along the way.”

Photo Credit: Alexander H. Banach

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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