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Taking a break from the midwest’s record snowfall in over four decades, Canadian artist DENIAL ventured down to San Diego with the temptation of a little sunshine and a massive 85 foot SILO wall.

Teaming up with San Diego native artist and road trip buddy, Nekoes, the duo came up with “Endless Bummer,” a play on words captioning the pop comic strip inspired visuals depicting the all too relatable topic of relationship woes. “I have a lot of friends that are going through relationship problems,” DENIAL commented while rooftop, spray painting the outlines of a man and woman embraced in a passionate kiss. Moments later he and Nekoes would paint in the reactionary “other woman” character wiping away a jealous tear from her eye as she gazes across the wall at the kissing couple.

Known for his often humorous style of confronting consumerism and the human condition through art, Daniel Bombardier uses traditional graffiti techniques including stencils and wheat paste to his graphic designer driven advantage. Daniel’s moniker, DENIAL, itself intends to poke fun at modern advertising and the media messages society is sometimes deemed to be “in denial” about.

While DENIAL’s prolific sticker campaign that began in 2000 earned him global recognition for engaging participants from dozens of countries across 4 continents, his more recent public art project “Free 4 All Walls” based in Windsor, Canada has attracted some heavy hitting artists. Transforming previously unused space into large scale murals, government supported F4AW has been influential in promoting the value of street-art in the community and in contemporary society overall. Invited artists who have painted murals include: Nychos(Austria), Bask (USA), Omen(Canada), Ben Frost (Australia), Nosego(USA), Persue(USA), Rime (USA), Above (USA), Elicser (Canada), High 5 (Canada), Nekoes (USA),Labrona (Canada), Gaia (USA), Kwest (Canada), Spud (Canada), Earthcrusher(Canada) , Czr Prz (USA), Chou (Canada), Uber5000 (Canada) and XRAY (Canada).

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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