Cameron Helvey

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“..from chopper, to joiner, to table saw, to planer, to drum sander…” Cameron Helvey recites as he points out the tools in order of process. Helvey can make almost anything and everything from his woodworking and metal shop at Moniker Warehouse. These are tools he grew up on, taking after his Uncle who was a master craftsman.

Helvey’s style is modern and stresses the importance of functionality and clean simple lines. He attributes his aesthetic influence to Japanese design he encountered while studying abroad for multiple years. “The Japanese are known for being master joiners and woodworkers,” Helvey reflects. “There’s no need for ornate or unnecessary details.”

While Helvey’s main goal behind his craft is to design and build lines of furniture and stand alone pieces, he enjoys the diversity of new projects coming in. “Every job has new materials, new clients, new requirements. Everything changes all the time,” he says with a smile. Helvey finds himself taking on more and more commercial projects like restaurants and boutique hotels. He has found a new favorite in installation work like the focal piece he recently completed for the Hilton Carlsbad Hotel Lobby.

It’s safe to assume that Cameron Helvey doesn’t get too bored with his work or where he works. “It’s good to be in an environment with so many creatives,” he says while glancing around the warehouse. “It’s great to see other people doing something they love.”

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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