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If we were to guess Brian Hebets’ favorite time of the year, we would guess that it would be during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. As a kid, visual artist Brian Hebets, or “HEBS”, was captivated by the cult thriller movie “Jaws” and since then, has been a pretty huge shark fan.

Born and raised in San Diego, Hebets had a natural inclination towards the ocean and recognized the importance of protecting and preserving it early on. The progression of his passion along with his favorite animal, has inspired countless paintings and large scale murals. “I paint these animals to simply remind the world the beauty they possess and how vital they are to our Marine system.”

From his childhood intrigue of horror flicks and sci-fi classics, Hebets’ draws inspiration. “I paint dark and nightmarish images because I’ve always been fascinated with the emotion of fear in the human psyche.” It makes sense then that the shark, one of the most feared and often misunderstood creatures we have on this planet, is his favorite subject. “The more i’ve learned, the more fascinating they’ve become.”

Hebets graduated from the Art Institute of San Diego with a Bachelors in Science and specializes in Digital and Traditional Arts. His styles range from Urban Abstract to Surrealism and Photo-realism. “I will forever be a student of art,” Hebets explains, “learning from those before me and utilizing techniques to conquer challenges in pursuit of progress in the world of art.  Art to me, keeps the mind and spirit alive, and the only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.” Brian Hebets’ mantra: “Stay grounded and push on.”

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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