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San Francisco based artist, Amandalynn has been painting on her city’s streets since 2001 with the prestigious Seventh Letter crew. With a background in fine art, Amandalynn pushes her skills across many applications from international art gallery exhibitions and murals to the automotive industry and even sculptural restoration for galleries and museums.

Continually inspired by the beauty she sees in life around her, Amandalynn is known for her illustrative style paintings of sensual and seductive woman characters. “I mostly find my passion in female forms and characters, as well as nature and it’s creatures,” Amandalynn says while reflecting on her inspirations. One of her sultry ladies can be seen on the outside wall of SILO on F Street as part of a collaborative mural she recently painted alongside artists Erin Yoshi, Gloria Muriel and Carly Ealey.

When asked whether she prefers painting small scale versus street scale, she explains how both forms play a really important role in her life. “I truly love doing both. For me, they both quench a different kind of artistic desire. With mural painting, I feel more free and have a chance to paint something a little more loose and natural to the surface it is being created upon. My fine art gives me a chance to really quiet down my mind and focus on the illustrative nature of the imagery.”

This newer street art addition to SILO is part of a promotion for KAABOO festival in Del Mar, which Amandalynn is involved in through artist curation both live during the festival as well as an installation and gallery feature. What else is in the works for Amandalynn? “Beyond working everyday on that, I have several really interesting projects coming up: I am collaborating with Erin Yoshi, and several others on a mural project for Yerba Buena Center of the Arts in SF. I am also painting alongside Lady Mags and several others at Jamieson Ranch Vineyards as part of their Fresh Coat project in July. Also in July, I am heading to Cozumel to paint murals with Pangeaseed for ocean awareness!! That is probably my most exciting thing. In August, I am going to do some live painting at Outside Lands alongside another muralist, Dirty Bandits.”

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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