Aaron Glasson

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World traveler, Aaron Glasson documents and interprets his life experiences all while creating amazing art along the way. Originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand, he moved on to become an ocean activist in Antarctica, snowboard instructor in Japan, a University professor in Sri Lanka, and a video journalist around the world. Lucky for us, he now resides in California where he works as a freelance creative director in between globetrotting.

Aaron Glasson’s collaborative mural with frequent painting partner Celeste Byers can be seen on the huge back wall at SILO. Part inspired by nature documentaries, this radiant “Avian Mating Dance Fertility Mural” depicts various bird species mid mating call. Glasson is working on an ongoing project with Byers called “Dimensiones.” ”It’s the most exciting thing right now. It’s a about inter-dimensional travellers, alternative realities, cosmic Bollywood, and teleportation. We have a lot of fun ideas and plans.”

On assignment in New York at the moment, Aaron Glasson is working on a music video for his friend LEMAT from Mexico. “It’s a song called “Madness” and is about how beautiful and overwhelming consciousness can be. I’m not sure what the video will be yet but it’ll be enjoyable and reflect the premise of the song.” While in New York, Glasson might squeeze in a painting session or two. “I’m also painting a possibly flowery mural with my friend Magda Love this week if I have time.”

Is there anywhere this adventurer hasn’t been? “I’d like to go to Turkey one day. Also I’d like to visit Yosemite and Sedona sometime soon.” You can also catch Aaron Glasson in action with Pangeaseed this summer when they take over Cozumel Mexico with several large scale murals for Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans Festival.

Photos and article by Carly Ealey

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